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Illumin, founded by Christian Ilumin, is Canada's premier drone entertainment company offering large-scale drone light shows for festivals, sporting events, and corporate branding experiences.

With a team of experienced aviators and designers, Illumin delivers technologically advanced and visually stunning shows that set a new standard in the Canadian market.

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Highlights from Veld 2023

We were honoured to put on an unforgettable drone show experience at Veld Music Festival in Toronto!


Take a look at some of our highlighted shows from the past year.

Hotel X

We were pleased to perform drone shows for Hotel X, including multiple scannable QR codes made up of hundreds of illuminated drones.


Summer - Winter 2023

Canada Day

We love celebrating Canada!
Thank you for celebrating with us in Streetsville, stay tuned in 2024.

Streetsville, Mississauga

July 1, 2023

Niagara Falls Total Solar Eclipse

For the 2024 total solar eclipse, we recreated the once-in-a-lifetime event with a 340-drone show, including a QR code that was scannable all across the Canadian side of the Falls.

Niagara Falls

Spring 2024


Effortless execution from planning to launch.


Site Analysis

To ensure the success of your drone show, it is crucial to prioritize safety and adhere to Transport Canada regulations. Additionally, the event location plays a significant role in determining the feasibility of carrying out the performance, so it is advisable to thoroughly review the legal guidelines before booking our company for such an event.



Partner with our team to plan the details of your custom formation show. From creating detailed storyboards to working out creative approaches, we'll work hard for you to tell your company's story best through drone technology.


Creative Show Design

Drones are brought to life through our specially designed creative processes. With computer simulations ensuring safety and providing accurate time-codes, synchronizing your music to our shows is seamless.


Quality Assurance

At every show, we go through a meticulous safety testing process, flying multiple times at a testing field prior to show date.


On Premise

We'll manage everything from setup to flight. From transportation and delivery, all the way through packing up at the end of the day. You don't need to worry about a thing- we're here to take care of it for you.


Green technology and sustainability separate us from the rest.


Fireworks contribute to pollution and contamination.
Improper handling can lead to injuries, numerous safety hazards and accidental fires.
Fireworks disrupt and distress humans, pets, and wildlife.
Fireworks generate significant waste and require extensive cleanup.

Drone Light Shows

Green technology with renewable energy and reusable batteries.
Lower cost compared to firework displays.
Quieter than firework displays.
Measurable impact; QR codes means customers can track the success of their display.

Seamless end-to-end experiences tailored just for you.

Drone Light Shows

Our synchronized drone shows feature up to 1,500 drones, with the possibility of multiple performances per night. Synchronized with pre-recorded or live music, the creation of shareable digital content or digital billboards for multiple platforms is at your fingertips.

Event Planning

We deliver unforgettable, digitally connected events that captivate and thrill audiences. We partner with event companies, festival organizers, businesses, and agencies to provide innovative brand promotions through unique activations.

Regulatory Approval

Our relationship with Transport Canada and our strong regulatory networking ensures permits and approvals are processed smoothly and successfully before show time.

Our Leadership

Led by industry experts.

Illumin is Canada's best-equipped drone light entertainment company, with a talented team that has over 100 years of collective aviation experience.

Christian Ilumin

CEO & Founder


We have answers for you.

How do drone shows work?

Drone light shows are a group of illuminated, synchronized drones choreographed to arrange themselves into formations in the sky. Anything you can think of, we can create!

How are drone shows created?

We begin the process of creating a drone light show by meeting with you, the client, to understand your show's goal. Our design team plans the choreography based on a soundtrack, creates storyboards, and produces a sample video that combines them. Once you approve the music and artwork, our programmers transform the choreography into drone commands using computer software. The entire custom show development typically takes 6-8 weeks, and we ensure close collaboration with our clients, providing complete creative control over the final product.

Are drone light shows safe?

Drone light shows prioritize safety with manual control options for pilots, automated landing protocols for malfunctioning drones, and geo-fencing to restrict their operation. Our shows also employ encrypted programs with rolling passcodes, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access from potential hackers.

What permits do I need to put on a drone show?

Illumin simplifies the authorization process for drone light shows by handling it on your behalf. We obtain the necessary permissions based on your event's location and airspace requirements, leveraging our extensive experience of over 100 years in operating within Canadian airspace, including both controlled and uncontrolled areas.

Why does it take so long from signing the contract to show time?

Regulatory procedures typically account for the longest duration in the process, ranging from eight to twelve weeks, making this timeline reasonable. Factors such as the number of drones, show complexity, location, and duration influence the preparation time required for a drone show event.

Why choose Illumin?

With our experienced and creativity-driven team, Illumin offers custom-made drone shows tailored to your event and audience. Through Illumin, we go beyond entertainment to connect your audience with measurable outcomes and objectives, setting us apart as a unique provider in the industry.

Where can Illumin perform drone shows?

Anywhere in the world, but the process through regulatory approvals may take longer in regions outside Canada and Mexico.

How many drones can I have in my show?

Illumin owns a fleet of drones and can also scale our drone fleet in relatively short notice. We can handle a show of any size, but larger shows will take longer to plan.

How long are drone light shows?

Drone light shows generally last between 10-12 minutes, taking into account factors like weather conditions that can impact battery life and the number of drones used simultaneously. By rotating the drones and not utilizing all at once, the display can extend its duration significantly. Additionally, we provide the flexibility of multiple performances per evening to accommodate your event needs.

How much space does a drone light show need?

The space required for a drone show depends on the number of drones involved. For a minimum setup, a site of approximately 25m x 45m with secure fencing around the launch area is needed. The minimum airspace required is 340m x 300m, which includes double geo-fencing and exclusion zones to ensure safety during the performance.

Can the weather affect my drone show?

Drone light shows are not possible in high winds, heavy rain, or snow. However, they can perform in most other weather conditions. The optimal drone flying temperature is 55°F - 80°F, but drones will operate from 22°F - 110°F for shorter shows, as extreme temperatures will affect battery life.

How much does a drone show cost?

The cost for a drone show can vary widely and is dependent on many factors. Some things to consider are: size and complexity of the show, as well as location.

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